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Home hiv test kit - There are some points that a home test for HIV differs from clinical laboratory tests such as the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA Test) and Western Blot Test. If you are into a home testing, you feel more comfortable and secured when you are performing the procedure which can be easily done at home. Whether we accept it or not, it is sometime frustrating for a person to go to a clinic and submit himself for an HIV testing. However, with so many test devices available in the market, you must know how to choose wisely and cleverly select the product that can give you closed to a hundred percent accuracy. One best product that you can buy in the market, whether online or medical supplies shops is the One Step HIV I/II Test Kit.

Home hiv test kit

How does this test kit works?

Just like any other HIV testing kits, One Step HIV I/II Test Kit works to specifically detect the presence of HIV 1 and HIV 2 in a human’s blood. The kit looks like a PT device with three parts that serve as your marks when reading the results. Unlike the traditional clinical laboratory tests for HIV that needs to withdraw more than 5mL from your arm’s vein, the test device only needs a pinch of blood from your finger tip that should be collected on the sample well.

Unlike the clinical laboratory tests that need high technological equipment when reading the results, the One Step HIV I/II Test kit can be interpreted by you alone. What you only need to learn is the number of markings that will appear on the two regions: the control region and the testing region. An HIV negative result will show one line on the control region and an HIV positive result will show two lines on control and testing region. When a line does not appear, it only means the procedure is improperly informed. The test taking must be repeated with a new device and a fresh blood sample. However, please be informed that when the test reveals a positive result, it requires another consecutive test for a consistency matter.

When you wished to have a fast result that would only take less than ten minutes, One Step HIV I/II can give you an accuracy result in just five minutes. This is quite different from clinical laboratory tests because the technician might ask you to wait for specific days before you will get the results. However, when you want a relevant result, the results from clinical laboratory tests are very much significant and considered.

Perhaps, your last concern here is the cost. How many bucks would a clinical laboratory test would differ from an HIV testing kit? Honestly speaking, home testing kits for HIV is quite expensive when compared to those laboratory tests done in the facilities. Some local clinics offered free tests to those individuals while HIV testing kits must be purchased in an online store or manufacturers. However, if you want to secure your privacy, you can always opt to an HIV testing kit. The One Step HIV I/II Test Kits are sold in for 30USD (one quantity).

Home hiv test kit